Divine Dispensation by Joseph Amihere


Let your heart hold fast

And do not let go at last

Live together to hold on

Neither disperse the love

That armour yet none

The faith that hover not half


Divine certainty

Full of much assurance and activity

Which a custom so play plenty

A norm and tradition abide

To love and entrust steadfastly to hold

And by that grin

Smear holy Divine


Well shortly after

That was once upon a time

For by now abundance disperse

Spread open divine uniqueness

And lo! The preachers are to be preached

Need then for fervent question to be punched

Or Self-gain can do so?

Which had into us divisions and greed it has sown

(We are grateful to Joseph Amihere for giving us our first feature. We pray that we will have many more, not only from Joseph but from everyone. Please share your thoughts and words of inspiration with us)


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