The mind can’t go far
And so the heart can’t pump fast
All like a snail fare
Has place the body under a fist
A gorgeous feast
Of the inner and emotion
Picking a bone of contention
As resistance of a charm is under question

The charm of politricks has brought a feast
And all are invited who so long had fast
For the feast of ruling
Where the people, the inner are voicing
There are no ears but only the hate from cheering
And who can resist such a calling
In such a propensity to fulfill morbid state

Well tumult at last is the gain of lean nation and state
And I wonder if constitution can go far
Or development can pump fast
In such a country under a fist

And in this war only the invited grow fat
Leaving the nation ruined
As usual the dogs pick the bones remained
From fate where emotions of politics
Has made siblings’ skulls the meats for meals
Cram of gone ones now daily bread for coming ones

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