pax 3

Personality Of The Week

pax 3

PT: Publicity Team

RA: Rosemary Asilevi

PT: Good morning lady

RA: Good morning

PT: I am Paka and from the Pax Publicity Team. I have the pleasure of interviewing you for the Pax Personality of the week

RA: Eiih… I’m nervous already.

PT: Haha, don’t be nervous. Just breathe in and out okay. Let’s start with your name, course and age.

RA: Okay. Asilevi Rosemary Ama is my name, 19 years of age and a first year studying BA. Economics

PT: Okay. Are you a Catholic by birth?

RA: Yes of course!!! I’m proudly born Catholic.

PT: Oh okay. How do you see Pax and how active are you in Pax?

RA: I know Pax Romana is a movement which involves tertiary students and its aim is to make us spiritually mature and morally upright.

PT: Okay nice. Which subgroup do you belong to?

RA: I belong to the Sacred Heart Confraternity and also a member of Ushers.

PT: How do you combine academic work together with social and church activities?

RA: I believe that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail so I try as much as possible to plan. It all boils down to time management.

PT: okay. Is there any problem you find in Pax Romana?

RA: I think students fail to patronize Pax programs due to sheer laziness and also low publicity.

PT: So how best do you think this can be solved?

RA: I would say that the publicity team should try as much as possible to publicize programs as often as possible and with any possible medium. And also, students should increase their zeal to work in the vineyard of the Lord.

PT: Pax election is near. Which position would you vie for if you had the opportunity?

RA: If I had the opportunity, I would vie for the Pax Women’s Commissioner.

PT: What do you think is the reason why students don’t come for students mass?

RA: I think it’s mainly because some students don’t have the zeal and desire to commune with the Lord.

PT: I believe you are aware we are in the Lenten season and how effectively have you participated in the season?

RA: Okay I pray the Angelus at 12 pm and intercede for everybody with the Divine Mercy prayer. I also try to fast as possible as I can.

PT: What is your favourite memory verse?

RA: Psalm 119: 9-10 “how can young people keep their lives pure? By guarding it according to your word. With my whole heart I will seek you; do not let me stray from your commandments”.

PT: okay nice. What is your favourite food?

RA: Jollof rice with salad and chicken.

PT: Okay I see. Are you grabbing?

RA: I am happily single. I am waiting for the right time and person.

PT: What inspires you in life?

RA: I will say negative comments from people inspire me and also that doesn’t stop me from doing what I love doing best.

PT: We have come to the end of the interview, any last words to the members of Pax?

RA: Don’t give up in life. Believe in the power of action. Moreover, live life to please the Creator and not the creation. Walk upright in Holiness.

PT: Okay thank you for your time.

RA: Thank you too.


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